Public Notices

Clock Illumination Colors

Below are the colors, and their corresponding causes, we are currently using to illuminate the clock face on top of the courthouse. Suggestions of changes or additions to this list are welcome and will be taken under consideration.

January (Blue) – Human Trafficking

February (Red) – Heart Disease

March (Orange) – Multiple Sclerosis, Kidney Disease & Self Injury

April (Primary Multi) – Autism

May (Purple) – Cystic Fibrosis & Fibromyalgia

June (Green) – Worker Safety

July (Blue & Purple) – Juvenile Arthritis

August (Pink) – Nursing Mothers

September (Yellow) – POW/MIA & Childhood Cancer

October (Pink) – Breast Cancer

November (Purple) – Alzheimer’s, Epilepsy, Homelessness & Pancreatic Cancer

December (Red) – Drug and Alcohol Prevention & HIV/AIDS

In addition we will illuminate these individual days

Valentine’s Day (Pink)

St. Patrick’s Day (Green & White)

Fourth of July (Red, White & Blue)

Halloween (Orange)

Christmas (Red & Green)

Chief’s Red Friday (Red)